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"What I love most about dogs is the way they smell..."
"They are my daily connection to the animal world."
Cody Land

Cody Land's love of animals began in Ypsilanti, Michigan at the impressionable age of three, with a Cocker Spaniel named Roxie, followed by a stray black lab. A few years later, the Land family moved south, settling in Irving, near his mother's home town of Dallas. The family at this point included two Dachshunds, Heidi and Zsa-Zsa.

Growing up, Cody was surrounded by art. His mother, Mar Gwen, was a fine art painter and art instructor who filled her home with her beautifully painted canvases. However, inspired by frequent visits with his cardiologist grandfather, and a growing love for animals, Cody dreamt of one day becoming a veterinarian. Years later while studying pre-veterinary medicine at Texas A&M, it was a class in organic chemistry that disabused him of the idea-and he switched his major...

After earning a degree in Zoology, Cody left Texas for northern California, where he served two years as a First Lieutenant in the USAR at Fort Ord in Monterey. While still serving, he rescued an Irish Setter named Fox. She remained his running buddy and companion for nine years.

Shortly after completing his active duty, a friend offered Cody a job remodeling homes. He went on to master the trade and worked as a finish and restoration carpenter, while enjoying the companionship of a Saluki (Soma), a Rhodesian Ridgeback (Fox II), and two Weimaraners (Sophie and Scout), over the next three decades. During the winter months work often slowed, and not being one to lie idle Cody learned the laborious craft of making stained glass. Going back to his roots, if you will, Cody drew inspiration from his mother, as well as Modigliani, William Adolphe Bouguereau, William Escher, and Chuck Close. Cody's eye for architecture and a consummate skill for intricate detail landed him numerous commissions, both residential and commercial, including "The Bird Windows" in Carmel-by-the-Sea.

In 2006 in an attempt to scale down the physical size and length of time spent crafting stained glass, Cody began a project combining his interest in photographic portraiture with his desire to continue working with glass. He began developing a process he refers to as "photo fusion." Using ceramic paint he would silkscreen a portrait onto glass, then fire the piece in a kiln, permanently fusing the two. Working to perfect his technique, Cody realized that he was on to something when, in the fall of 2011, his girlfriend Deborah asked if he would design and make a glass portrait of her French Bulldog, Coco. The portrait was completed and now stands in a playful Tinkertoy™ frame, overlooking Cody and Deborah as they work together to build up the business of Dogs On Glass.

Cody Land lives on the Monterey Peninsula with his girlfriend Deborah Schatan and their French Bulldog, Coco, about whom he sings silly songs such as "Smashed-face Dog," "Stinky Dog," and "Living in a Dog-faced World." If you ask him, Cody says his favorite color is "the one I'm looking at." And as far as personal favorites go, he loves his girlfriend's chocolate cake, indigenous American music—blues and jazz—and dogs, of course! When asked if he has any hidden talents, Cody replied, "Well, yes, I'm good at parallel parking, checkers, detecting whether or not a beer is flat with just one or two tastes, seeing in the dark ... if there's enough light, hooking-up stereo equipment, and I'm an expert dishwasher."